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PhpBB3 General Support
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Customization from phpbb2 to phpbb3
Help! phpBB2 - phpBB3 login error
No access to ACP
Admin Email Sent To Non-Admin Members
413 - Request Entity Too Large
Over image quota
Security Certificate Alert
Suspension Notice
Shutdown message
I somehow managed to reset my forum
lang_english/reply.gif can not replace the image
cellpic1.jpg reinstalllling
Updating posts/users from phpbb2 forum to temp phpbb3 forum
forum down
Labeling of buttons in Hungarian language
Install hungarian language package & "Newest First&
Activation e mails
Forum down/connection timing out
Forum running extremely slow
Forum Down
Transfer Forum to new host
Adverts Appearing Although Forum Paid For Ad-Free
Cannot access forum: get 'Timed out' message
Help Closing Forum
Setup phpbb 3
Error when posting new topic.
Question about PHPBB3 message on my forum
Problem with coding at the top of site
pm error (sql)
Forum suspended
Database Updating Every Night
Re-instating a deleted member
Forum Registration Spam
Help Please!
Bringing your forum to myff
Pruning forum without lowering post count.
adding a single smilie
Adding something to the Mini-profile
Add a Side Bar to a Forum
Suspended Forum
Thank you button
forum not reverting back to normal
Founder does not have all ACP lists.
Forum Suspended
Forum suspended
Forum suspended
Forum suspended
Forum Suspended - H E L P ! SOS SOS
Forum suspended
Forum Suspended
forum suspended
forum suspended
Change logo on Phpbb3 forum.
domain linking
Forum Down - 500 internal server error
Attachment Limit Exceeded
phpbb3 stable ????
Change of ownership ::
Forum running extremely slow
Forum Database Export
Gaining access to DB from a MFF Hosted Forum
Taking ages for posts to go through
Problem editing templates
Forum down !!!!!
Logging in issues
load style template
Forum not working - Domain does not exist error
Strikeout Text
statistics in admin panel.
phpbb3 portal table problem.
will mods from here work ?
exceeding attachment allowance on board
people not being able to load forum
Forum Doesn't Exist
"Webpage not found", forum access problems.
Does not appear to exist ... forum gone
Forum Not Found
3 questions regarding phpbb3
My Forum has been closed !!
Private message taking up to 5 mins to load
Forum Down - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
Changing Color
Need help with cancelling my domain
My forum has been suspended
Offensive or Inappropriate System Avatars
delete forum
Forum Disappeared
.wonko3 Server Links
Help required
Facebook "Like" button
Forum parent structure corrupted
Fellow Admin Made Mistake
cant get into admin panel
Incorrect Link in 'New Private Message' Email
Recent Post Dropdown Box
Upgraded to phpBB3, hasn't converted.
Forum Descriptions No Longer Showing
you tube videos on phpbb3 webpages.
mass user delete
Removal of Ages in Birthday Notifications
Edit activation/welcome emails.
Forum running slow
HTML Problem
My ISP has moved servers... now I can't access my forums
Template Error
Forum suspended
MY Freeforum
Suspended - Help
Mass email
Style Buttons
Top posters
Forum down
Adding karma to my forum
forum keeps going offline
Security Questions please
Subforum name not showing up
Uploading shoutbox files to the forum
arcade portal
A beginner requesting help to install chatbox
phpbb2 to phpbb3/test or permanent only
How much time for phpbb3 conversion ?
google spreadsheet embedded
Old Version Template
Forum not loading in IE
Is there any reason
PHPBB3 shoutbox
Free Domain?
Update bug?
Black Pearl template issue
Having problems adding a favicon
thanks button
possible hack on the forum
divshare bbcode
Domain name issue
Error Message
Is it possible to totally delete an image?
Forum as RSS feed
Problem message
Cant get the Portal or Web-Site-Templates to work
Missing members and posts after phpbb2 - 3 upgrade....
Admin Log
Email notifications & new posts after upgrade to phpbb3
Enable Tapatalk
Add files to phpBB3 template
Modifying Image Space
Forum Down
Flood Ban
username begins with
overall_header getting reset
Forum server error
Forum Down
Time limit on backup purchase?
New owner - checking I've done all I need to...
phbb2 to phbb3, how long?
restrictions for google cache
my site is down
Forum Down -
Renewing images
Cannot access my admin panel
mixesforthemasses DOWN ?
New domain name for my forum
phpBB3 Add-Ons
Domain Mapping Request
Mod/Admin Exclusive Sigs/Avatars
Image Upload issue
Install language package
Problems with installing 'afterburner' style on phpBB3 forum
Google Adsense
Moving from PhpBB3 to PhpBB2
Imbedded images being truncated
Forum Won't Load For Members
Number of characters in new topic title
adding smilie trouble
forum wont load
Managing Ranks
New Posts and post replys
Problem in signature
Moving forum to paid host
Component frontpage.
X-Treme templates not showing up!?
Poll showing on web page.
Posting Error
Malware alert
Question regarding a domain.
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