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PhpBB3 General Support
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Web page upload error
IF Post Number
New users
template slot issue
Error when logging into admin panel
Topic subscription
Embedd request
Movong ads from posts to another spot on forum?
video troubles
I just paid for my forum to be advert free.......
php error in admin?
Image size
Recently Online changes
Upgrade and domain question
Advertisements Not Showing
Help...the PM's aren't working on my forum
Php3 help please
Forum down?
How do i delete a logo i added to the image set
Need help finding directory.
My banner isn't showing up....
field reputation
Problem with Phpbb3
2 issues
Slarti3 to Zaphod3?
Subscribe / Email Notification
phpBB 3.0.3
Locked out
phpbb to phpbb3
Problem With Conversion
Please Can ADMIN Fix
PHPBB3 Favicon
problems with smilies
different colour for user groups
How long does a restore take
how to edit forum homepage
Still Need Help!
SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]
Virtual Cash
Please Help
Locked out of my own forum ?
pm error
Trouble Registering
encountered error
acp link
correct me
html on phpbb3 forums
"no new posts"
Clicks Become XCASH
PhpBB3 No Posts
Little help please
Default language -> Dutch
No HTML on posts in forums
Can't add new forums/mod issues
forum style change, help wanted please.
card index view affects whole forum
Auto Pm to new member inbox
Accidental deletion of multiple posts
poker templates
PHPBB3 Subforums
Google/Private Messages
You Tube Video's
Adding "Shop" to top of forum
Logo Issues
Help!! please!
Question Number 3
Question #2
Question #1
RE: Forum Adverts (please read first post)
3 Questions
How to install phpBB in myfreeforum.
Choice Of Templates
Editing code bbcode
Make a shop into PhP3
[Question] banner
Paid Advertising
OMG! help please
Editing Groups
Style trouble
Note to staff of MYFF
Help with cash
Editing Signatures
Bad ads?
another log problem
All myfreeforum forums not working for me
Domain name/url trouble
Moderators:rudydboot (Remove?)
url's problem
Quick reply
Big problem with Admin panel
No Avatars Allowed...?
phpBB 3 Trouble
My forum's gone dodgy
No Forums
Search Settings
Is it possible? [Question]
Mass email on Phpbb3
logo disapeared
Forum Shutdown? or html?
Deleted Everything by Mistake
What should i do?
Sub forum problem
Phpbb3 Template Problem
Template Copying
I want to replace the main logo...
Subforum glitch
Upload of Video Clips.
German Langauge
Is it possible?
Redirect question
Watch those visual confirms
Sudden Style Change
Theme edit problem
Google Banner issue
Rank image problem
phpbb3 conversion - slarti3 domain
Final header question
Cashmod hack
Changing the header
I want to go back to PhpBB2
Show replies on search portals
Question on Portals
A generic question on nudity
Visits portal timestamp
goto page error
Visits portal
Global Announce portal
Registration Problem
E-mail notification
Changing the URL
Rank Image
Hi There Question
Can You?
Custom Styles
Cash mod
help needed
Last post details
can you change what it says on the registration page?
Available Balance
Posting Errors/Post Edits and Previews
profiles offline
How do i install a hyperlink option in posting?
Need help getting my Forum back ?
Email troubles
ACP Not Loading Up
How to center Logo
Name Changer
This forum borked?
Too many admins
forums not showing
Personalized Rank Images
Adding templates
Word Censoring in Private messages
"Return to Outbox"
Center Logos
header & footer
Logo Not Showing
Welcome Bar
Getting phpBB3 free forums
Quick reply
Catergory Help
i tried installing the cash mod but went wrong =[ HELP!
Boards disappeared???
Imageset bug
Unable to delete uploaded images.
Help with deleting images.
Images Fixed - Thanks but!...
So many forum problems, it's not even funny
HELP!! "This board has no forums" ??!!!!
dead admin panel
Grand Design LS
Styles Editing?
My Forums Avatar Settings are screwed up =(
Fix For: This Board Has No Forums
Help! Major problem or bug
This Board has no forums
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