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PhpBB3 General Support
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W3C validation
Changing the link name
(make a copy) Problem when i change the style
I can not copy the styles
Portal copy problems
Should this realy be showing?
Moving Fields made by Portals
Deduct Cash
custom profile fields
Quick Mod tools not working
Made a mistake and can't log in
template help please
help - can't log in to newly converted copy of my forum
Quick Title Edition 1.0.0
Quick Reply
Random Description
ProVista links box
web-page editor
Card Index?
users last visit in memberlist
Welcome Portal
Problem when i edit the templates
Trying to add portals without making forum too wide
Forum is wide?
Strange message on my board
Conversion Problem
cant edit the the topics when i use arabic language
Forum images
Odd dates on the forum
HTML Doesn't Work
Upgrade help
I can not log in!
embedding myforum into my website
Disable avatars to guests
Mod Request
Counter Code
SQL Error!
Required to post
My style removed the Google ad?
Guest account problems
Rank Colours
Increasing Users Active Time
this board has no forums
logo help
Corrupt database?
forum does not exist
Some database export questions...
Gallery Portal Not There
Problem with the Store
Hack question
How to change the image key
search for posts by ip
group leader
Cant Post Stickies or Announcements
ProVista Logo change
Admin Panel Problem
need help
How do I add karma?
HTML for me website( dont know if this write place to post)
topic URL's
How do you upgrade
Slovak language is not working on my forum
Problem with forum management... move up move down!
Picture attachments in private messages
Emails blocked by ATT
Delete Mass Members
web page editor
Karma mod
Forum export - what comes with it?
Welcome Bar
SwapitShop Boards bandwith
Members code
Want to give board to new owner
Since upgrade to PHP3 I have a lot of fake account requests
Age restrictions
Quick reply
Name change request
Old domains
newest member issue
Topic Prefix
User Legend
Transfer myfanforum to myfreeforum
Welcome PM
Disable Active Topics
The Main difference between phpBB2 & phphBB3?
Hack request
Topic Icons
Different webiste page
Home page
Home page
Why was my forum deleted/restarted?
Is there any name servers?
Link Bar
Forum languages
Donations portal for phpBB3
Problems With User Accounts
Change forum name
"Half Buttons"
Template Preview
Name change question
My Forum Name
Forum Status
Forum restriction
Who Is Online
Domain map
Disabling post count
This board has no forums
General Error in link
deleted of my forum
Help if possible
Overall_Footer.tpl Overall_header.tpl cant find them
Watch topic
help with created site
my forum is not being indexed
Is there any way of changing the time on my forum
web link in a new window
If there a way I can get these skins..........
Template export
Color themes
How do you change the phpBB3 thing and post icons on a forum
How do you make the format for the banner on Acid Tech Wider
Forum does not exist?
Will selecting a new template change my logo?
phpBB 3 BB Codes
Video BBcode
change from phpbb2 to 3
Forum Rules
Admin status
mod colours
Single thread restrictions?
youtube videos
Profile Field problem
Odd message in PM section
phpbb3 template problem
is there any way of putting writing under screen names?
Domain Help
silly question
Parse error with quiz portal
PHPBB3 Board Settings
Creating a work around quick post.
Help with Banner change please.
Google Browsing
Removing an appointed admin
Language on my forum
I have nowhere else to turn: redirecting link issue. Admin..
Transferring Smilies Editing Utility and all smilie choices
Rank images
PHPBB3 Portal Help
PHPBB3 No Search Help Please
Permissions problems
Uh? Help...
Welcome email
adding your forum name to uploaded picture
forum links?
Affiliates box?
I want to approve membership......
Rank Images
Latest Post ICON!!!
Over Run With Bots
Problem moving categories
My forum (and many others) are very slow
Mass e-mail
"Template does not exist"
Disallow Moderators from changing profile fields
Report reasons
adding a logo to a phbb3 template
I just needed to know
Transfer cash
hmm.. anyone else see anything strange?
Custom profile fields not displaying
Alittle help
Currently online
Quick reply
phpBB3 rank images not showing up
General Error
phpBB3: Adding new image BBcode to resize large image.
Sticky not showing in sticky portal for phpBB3.
BB3 access to to forum
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