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PhpBB3 General Support
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Something is wrong
Forum Posts missing
Getting warning header on website
Re-Adding Total Topics
form link stopped working
Possible hack?
Domain transfer to another service provider
Updated Database
Subscribe / Unsubscribe Forum in top Breadcrumb Menu
Putting Time Ahead
WHy am i getting so many spam bots all of the sudden?
Pointing Domain Name
Ad Free
Something has changed
Changing Admin Email Address
arcade games
Changing default BBcode
New tab opens in browser upon clicking a link
Forum Shut down????
Skype icon in personal profile
img tags
Sub Forums & Legends
Database export a few questions
Mods disappearing from Index
Login as admin in my phpbb3 version
Forum Security
Cannot Find Copied Style
Cannot click ACP links with Blackberry
Relink Smileys to image after upgrade to PHPBB3
Error on Rebuild Search Index after upgrade to PHPBB3
Custom Domain Name
Mapping A Domain
replace header pic and text
The extension w3x is not allowed.
Can't Upgrade to PhpBB3
Virus warning
add topic smiles
Portals not working after switch to eddy?
Random People Are Banning Members & Topics.
New Forum 'Admin' account issues
SQL error
How long does it take for a newly created forum has [Eddy3] message
picture problems
EDDY and 48 hours, what is up?
Private Messages Missing
Can any of you mods do this for me please logo on my index
email welcome to the forum
CAPTCHA Problems ?
Croatian language
SQL Error - Table Missing
Too many connections
edit templates header/footer in phpbb3?
Shoutbox in seperate forum
SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]
Dual Portals in phpbb3
Error Messages
Quick Reply
slarti3 Problem
3.06 error?
Forum Image?
Change forum name
Won't Let Me Login?
Posting Page
Starting From phpBB3
Rotating Banners
A little questions about the stlyes in PBB3
Style Help
Greeting Message
View Active Topics
forum running slow
Voting Problems
Unable to upgrade
Wierd Tabs on ACP
Web page on forum crashing when trying to reply to post
Cash Feature
my forum is gone
Multiple interlinked forums
Members Active within the Past 24 hours
Unsuitable Ad
Very unsuitable ads (the Sun) on my liverpool forum
Topic Icons.....
Help Needed willing to pay
Arcade Games
New "Sentient" Spambots
Connectivity issues?
2 Questions
Virtual Shop
Virtual Shop help
Virtual Shop
embedding music player code here
URL Name Change
Embedding soundcloud button
Mobile template for phpbb3
sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached
My Forum has been replaced by someone else?
Content Encoding Error
??? about styles and editing.
Runtime error R 6025
Please help .. upgrade wont ever complete
how do i copy styles
Please Help - My Forum's Vanished.
PM When Transferring Cash!
ChatBox & Forum
Upgrade Problem Phpbb2 to Phpbb3
Forum Rediricting Url
Double Posts
Topic page numbers
problem when add signature
domain renewal
phpBB3 support.
Qustions While Registering??
Migration from Phpbb2 to phpbb3 problem
Chat Box [Location: Footer] (From:
I Have Some Questions About Exporting My Forum to My Server
converting from Phpbb2 to 3 synchronisation
Smilies only :-) available ?
Find out IP without a post from member?
attachment types
My Domain Needs Maping After Convert?
external links
Copying a style?
Help with Converting to phbb3 from phbb2
I have a question - please help!
No 'add topic' buttons on forums
Site not Appearing
My main forum
Post count
Last Topic on board index
Am having problems with Smilies....too many on Post Page
Restrict gallery view
Video Button
wysiwyg/New Style Posting Panel for PHPBBD3?
Field Change Action portal
Star Rating BBCode help
map request
Forum won't load
Email Address Wrong
most users online error, have i been hacked
show how many users online
Random quote
Users viewing this page
General Error help
http and warning message
owner control panel
Reset profile fields (karma)
Mass Email Question
Search Engine Question
Inactive Members
search by last post
forum not coming up on google???
What has happened?
Silly Question ALERT
My friends forum was suspended?
Forum suspended
Custom BBCode for Fonts
Broken Templates
Quick Question
sub forum order
Questions Before I Sign Up
Facebook button
I don't see "View posts since last visit"
Size of site description
built in lytebox
A helpful Suggestion!
Admin deletion of posts
Is this a portal problem?
IF or statement
Forum timing out
Critical Errors
error message stops me from entering site
Changing the from email address?
control panel wrong
jpg attachments in PM Personal Messages
help with posting new topics
can you exclude certain areas from searches
Portals causing login problems
help plz my forum locked me out
user`s can`t enter in subforum ?
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