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PhpBB3 General Support
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Problem with style
phpbb3.0.9 upgrade in progress
Do Admins have access to PMs?
anyway of undeleting a thread / post ?
How to make changes to phpBB3 styles in the ACP Panel
Phpbb3.0.9 Styles installation
phpbb3.09 template changes
HELP please, is this fraud?
Transfer to self hosted domain
Redirecting homepage??
Are the following things possible for a mod?
Exporting mailing list?
Image Upload
How do I hide/make invisible a particular Forum
Avatars gone?
database size
deleting images
advert free.
HomePage editing
Adding Webtemplate to TopHeader!
How to (Profeshonal Programing)? Help
[html] tag
login problems
Forums have been revealed!
Buttons not showing up on Forum.
Help! (Can't explain a subject :P)
Prosilver Mobile Imageset
Can't get name colours right
Forum running very slow for some.
converting over to phpbb3
Domain Name
Chat box on phpbb3 forum?
Lost Mods
Domain redirect stopped working
Styles Questions
Flood Ban
does mff keep records of page visits
Is it possible to export a list of e-mail addresses?
Information: This board is currently disabled.
How do you do Portal Arcade? I can't make one
Topic Icons
Need style
Upgrade to PHPBB 3.0.8, PHPSupport email (gmail) received
Style request
Additional link on index menu
need help with Advert Free in phpbb3
critical errors
Trojan on Forum?
Unable to Logout
forum running very slow
Mass Email not working
User OnLine last 24 Hours
PM Trouble
Duplicate Ads
Fatal error report on switchng screens
Create new forum error
Checking who was online
Could you please upload this smiley pack [Admin] :)
closing my forum
My Forum has gone down
inactive users
Error Page
unable to adminsrate users / groups
Is anyone elses forum down???
Embedding my forum
Member Sign Up
Username Too Short
Paid advertising
People Unable To Sign Up
Removing ads please
Smilies not working in phpBB3 forum of mine
Adding an events calendar
Search Index error
Newly registered users group?
Hiding links until post made ?
PHPBB3 SPAM PREVENTION : Q&A bot captcha setup
My forum
No new posts
Can I leave?
No matter what I do people keep posting porn on the forum
Avatar problems after purchaseing database.
Unable to post certain kinds of images, e.g. that contain ?
new registrations - high level of undesirables ?
Hide list of Moderators - PHPBB3
keep getting error message
Birthdays list
url adress jeltz3
Arabic translation missing
sql error
phpbb3.08 updates styles
General Error AGain!!
image set problem
Help deal with my spam invasion!
SQL Error on creating new sub-forum
sql error
Mod Request
Copied Posts
Domain name problem.
phpbb3 stable enough yet?
Login history
Ordinary members highlighted in Green as Mods when online
My log in doesn't work and I can't seem to fix it?
Where Has My Forum Gone
requiring new users to activate
General Error - Database Crash
Forcing members to join
Topic "stuck" in Moderation Queue - Now Solved!!
Ad free
Find Users by 'location' field
merging 2 sets of forum categories into 1
Domain Renewal
Proceed to ACP link not working
can't log on to my own board
Admin permissions gone
Portal Help
phpbb2 to 3 upgrade and mapping question
Lost Search Function on Switch.....
Poll feature not working logo removal ??????????
shoutcast hack
moderate posts
Private message limit
Reinstating forum
Purchasing forum database query
wear is captcha in the admin control panel
SQL Error
Registration Problem with Chronicles
Error message when posting.
Jeepers smiley pack problems
PhpBB3 Forum Address Problem
Error When Creating Boards
Browser not displaying everything
Forum Down -sql error
Converting From phpBB2 to phpBB3 Help please?
How can I use an RSS feed to create threads?
Forum won't load - timeouts
Imageset Problem.
Quick Reply Not Working!
Smiley problems after converting
How to add you own Avatar/Rank
Help changing middle background.
Cannot log in to admin panel
How do i change my background image?
Editing colour scheme - Not a change template question
How do I remove the moderators names?
What version of PHpbb are my forums?
Forum Moderators
Need Help Please
Copy Style/Edit Template
Convert Clarification
Smilie generator
Imageset /image/
Sky Advert on forum
Restricting Users from editting and deleting there own posts
Add youtube Video
Guests reading forums
upgrade and sql file
Running slow and SQL Error
How do you copy styles
Opening links in new page
Session length
Username not accepted
missing topics
How do I put HTML into a post ?
Random Logging Out of ACP?
Admin & Logo
Upgrading to PhpBB3
Notifications for admins
Seeing a complete list
Making fields required for registering
Why do I always get unwanted subscriptions?
I completely forgot
Excess function in forum search
Quoting on/off?
FTP Help!
Email notifications
View new post problem
Error when trying to add a youtube embed code
Question Please Help!
A few questions relating to upgrade to phpbb3
forum gone.
Deleting PhpBB3 forum
Polling Error
SQL Error
Made the big move!
Admin IP addresses visable
Quick Reply?
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