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PhpBB3 General Support
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Quick Reply in phpbb3
Unable to edit templates
Cash mod
phpbb3.01 released
A question about a Music Box for my forums.
Is it possible
Cash Mod 2
Cash Mod
Mass emails
Smilies and links delete on editing posts
Style deleting
Imageset problem
Posts Not Showing
Bbcode and smilies not working
Quick Reply help.
Images not appearing
Urgent. Cant log in to admin panel
Transfer template
Offensive Adverts...
how do you finalize the conversion over to PHPbb3
Update Posts
Unable To Log In
How Long
Fatal Error
Question on new address
Go To Admin Panel
url doesnt work properly.
Cant get shop and inventory portal to work
I Have A Question...
a problem i am having with enabling Guests to view my Forum.
link problems
phpbb3 html question..
Birthday table
Portal problems
Icon Replacement
Error Message when Uploading Graphics
Registration error
Latest topics bug
Cant access shop
Error message on index page
group avatar not showing?
Lost portals and macros seem not to be working
are the emotcons put on (sorry i cant spell right)
Arcade link will it be put in or will it be manual
Deleting image in imageset
Latest and annouce.
Permission Issues
Portal Title switch not working
Templates.. :S
custom profile images
Hide switch
2 questions about the template editing,, thanks
Changing Skins
Adding a drop box to UCP_profile
rank path
Guide to moving Profile Fields Around Viewtopic_body.tpl
viewprofile.tpl not in files
custom profile Switches Timed ?
Moving Forum
Email Alerts for a new TOPIC?...
A few issues
login portal
cash mod field
error header when posting
error in shop
self made Portal titles not showing
header error login portal
Name change in admin panel not setting
Thought on template editing?
dual portal not working
admin panel login problems
New cms_files not showing in editing files
Changing moderator's post backgrounds
Browser icon /Fav
The daring dozen
Wondering about the posts once finished... :)
i cant change logo
Attachment links error page when made clickable
Chronicles phpBB3 Style
how to get phbb3
List of fonts available
Member access problem
Space between ad and last text
Avatar size!- help wanted
BBcode <hr /> Problem
POPULAR portal
I'm Begging.. Please!
yes no problems
world of warcraft items
Paid postings?
view screen show of templates
readd files
cant login
converting to phpbb3
Cant change logo on phpbb3
Question about conversion
Refresh themes images not reset
Common questions
Guide to converting to phpbb3
Phpbb3 bug list
howtodoit phpbb3
Poss bug in group permissions
themes messing up.
Moderated users
styles deletion problem
Blasted permissions
Bug reports for converting phpbb2 --- phpbb3
Losing templates
Changing a style name.
Mod logs
phpbb3 template editing
Suggestions And Hack requests.
Can no longer sign in.
Blank page when linking to View assigned items
No links in custom profile fields
Shop Insufficient funds
XCASH transfering cash not working
Option Buttons missing In Custom Profile Fields
Certain Portals not working
Error when clicking on Configuration in Web pages
Can not install templates.
Portals & Webpages
phpbb3 bug tracker
Spot The Bot
Moderator Control Panel Blank
Template requests PHPBB3 Only (Please Read 1st Post)
phpbb3 - how is it for you?
phpbb3 release schedule
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