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The4aces Poker Portal
Slower forums part 1
Faster forums part eight (php)
Google maps portal
A principle to abandon or not?
Faster forums part seven (memcache)
faster forums part six (forum errors)
Faster forums part five
phpbb3 seo code
Faster forums part four
Faster forums part three (slow queries)
Wiki forums
Speeding up large forums
Faster forums part two
faster forums
The Static Age - Progress and Ranks
The Static Age
Catalog portal progress
New gallery system
Solution looking for problem
Back to work
New management system
citrix xen server
cautionary tale
Bits and bobs
Fix those html errors!
We're heading for a big phpbb2 update session
More on the catalog portal
New server progress
Catalog portal done, well sort of :
worse than phpbb3
More on the catalog portal
Catalog portal progress
Catalog portal progress
Catalog portal progress
Costly in the clouds
Clouds, servers, SSD's...
New forum
makin' changes
GLBT Suppport Forum
Creation Resort 603! Blog
Advanced polling
Myff management systems work
MyFreeForum Video Tutorials
MyFreeFriends Template Design
Automatic management system updates
upgrade to phpbb3 progress
My view on phpbb3 so far
phpbb3 and myff webpages
phpbb3 features
phpbb3 and myff portals
phpbb3 template editing
When is phpbb3 not phpbb3?
phpbb3 how the cookies crumble
Is that a free phpbb3 forum?
phpbb3 code not much changed
phpbb3 still over complex
Myff & phpbb3 progress (if you can call phpbb3 progress!
Help question marks [?]
28th October released this week?
Kicking off the week on myfreefriends
Social networking question
wow - myfreefriends messaging almost live
Weeks progress October 6th
Link buttons for facebook, myspace , bebo
New forum look
myfreeforum : Interests avatar sizes profile information weeks progress 24x24 icons
Juggling priorities
"Tv Maniax" - basic information and some updates - creating the javascript windows framework - Logo needed - first account created - intial registration questions - which ajax? - getting started - whos online - starting the database - what tech to use?
NRC Updates
More musing on memory upgrades
Progress for the year
Why are we upgrading servers again?
The4aces Forum
Halo Fan Forum
KISS Keep it Simple Stupid!
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