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Web page/template Editing
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Help me with my forum please
Shout Box
forum to narrow
Webpage Images not showing?
Whats wrong with my template?
changing the submit buttons for my forum
Removing the 'index' text
Maximum Limit of Pages on Navbar?
Am Not Correctly Using or Adding New Template
Publishing Web Homepage Not Working
Changing Post Background Color
Changing Post Field colors
I need to remove the arcade totally from my forum pages help
Could someone help please
How do i change the buttons in my menu bar?
uploading flash
editing template?
New post no new post picture problem
Index body and overall header location?
Language problem? some text showing up in French?
Remove the banner ad
View Forum Gallery as a web page?
Fonts showing differently in Browsers
How do I change the default style?
Problem Creating a web page with "No Template"
template issue: guildwars royal
Linking the new web pages to navigation bar
who is online panel
Embedding Videos Using Code
Goto page
Formatting the date for a birthday
I've lost a button
How do i edit html of my forum
Switching the forum url to my homepage
link to website
Mod or Admin please look. HELP!
Exporting a "look"
Forum Template Creation - Help with CSS please!
Link Colours - Won't Change!
Principles of Web Design
Template Editing/Making
Can I limit picture size uploads ?
control panel footer
Redirecting to homepage...
Looking for Assistance
Footer - Advert links in {ADMIN_LINK}
trouble with website
Help with new template...
How can I make a certain page my home page?
Adding new mod hack
view others inventory
Redirecting log in and log out away from index.php
Problem With Index
Template buttons have dissapeared from view
Which topic was posted in last?
Most active forum/topic
Hyperlinking Quoted Text
Hyperlinking Usernames to Profiles on Post Listings
Poll Choice Voting - template
Image Uploading
ok, what now????
help with code
Help with template editor.
remove join date?
Help with this code
warhammer templates?
General Template Making Help
I messed it up
Users Most Active Topics/Forums
Using Google's Webmaster Analytics
Changing border colors of sections on index page
Editing a KARMA error message
Problem with Icons Next to Banner
Profile help.
Beginner to the world of Forums in need of help...
flash templates
Legend Text
Help With template
Im still have problems
Help 2
Template From Scratch
I pod touch Template
Tech Template I Made
Problem with links menu
'Latest posts' export
Rank Colours
Add a line before Advert on message page
Logo change for member help
Portal Squash
Hi i am new
Javascript post help
Support forum colours (phpbb3 section)
Forum Index
runtime errors
Extend the size of the editing box
How do you get this off your forum?
Sub Menu's
navbar help!
Drag and drop admin panel
rank help
AJAX help!
Web Page Help Please
Template Help
template prob
LightBox Javascript Help!!!
Show off your webpages.
input box help!
No logo machro
Navagation links help!!
How Do I?
Online/Offline colour question!
Topic stretching when using code tags
A simple question
Multiple Webpage Directories
My new logo
Is it possible to add an arcade?
New banner thing
Help witht the picture on top of the screen
Good Bye Screen
Registration Idea
AVATAR Select on Register
Login Box Removal
web making for dummies - part 4
Welcome Screen
Certain Forum Section Headers?
Problem with Ranking Images
Seperating Categories.
chatbox causing popup ads (not a myff chatbox!)
Deleting myff_(templatename here)
Please add web template
i need help (question 2 of 2)
i need help (question 1 of 2)
Something wrong with the whos online section
Replacing the phpbb image with my own personal image
can this be done? need dog theme..
fisubice template Smilie problem
Order of Categories and Stickies.
Theme Installation Problem - Help!
web making for dummies - part 3
I am just about ready to give up!!!
Gallery pics
Member colors dont change
moving site description
Help with this Code
could I do this?
Which looks better?
Is there a warn level mod???
web making for dummies - part 2
Ive noticed this on a few forums....
Karma Images
Larger font for admin and mods
Change Location to something else
cash error
Making Banner?
to admin only
legend tables rather than footer
forum viewing differently on 2 pcs
cash mod.... error?
web making for dummies
How to stop spam bots using your feedback form ??
Adding "Recently Online"
Some Questions on Editing
Whosonline Icon Issue.
Show an entire post on the main page
Centering a Logo
1A- New Template Idea
How to change the URL of my forum
Most of the files on phpbb3 are html. not tpl. files
Adding a monitor Javascript to a Template ?
Deleting images on phpbb3
Banner etc
Can't install addon
Watch this forum for new topics
can't get logo to show up
How do I enter picture in the main page
Template colour codes
Outline color around quotes
Getting logo to go to index.
Where do i edit to change new post and images like that?
Editor Account
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