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PhpBB2 General Support
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insecure login warning
Password problem
Moved the forum but quotes point to old forum
Forum removal
Lost admin details
DNS aliases for exported forums
Error when converting to phpBB3
This log in is not secure ! message from Firefox
Delete forum
IP address and moderators
New User Approval
My account is inactive??
https / SSL?
Ownership transfer request
Share button appeared on top post on page
Spammed Forum
Member shown as inactive
Request to Transfer Ownership
Smilies and code problem
Timed out
Members having to repeatedly log on.
Board style here mysteriously changed.
Slow Forum/General Error Message
Unable to retrieve webmaster username and password
Forum unable to load
Lost administration details
Changing announcement and stickey text colour
Import from YAF
Running scripts
Restoring Deleted Posts
Please Do Not Suspend Forum
Site can't be reached when posting and logging out issues.
HELP please .... locked myself out!!
Editing the left panel
Couple of members get logged out mid posting
Http 500 error on private message page
Member unable to log on
Mass Email not working
Lost bottom of forum page (including admin panel link)
cant get into admin panel
error messages
Forum down
Links in Emails
Forum down, please help!
Forum down
Forum down ...
Forum down
How to edit a member's avatar
Moderating Posts???
Un-suspend please <3
Age Field
Cannot login to my forum
How to unmoderate posts
my ip address seems blocked from my forum
Upload MP3 audio to forum
Hide sub forums on index?
Are there any no parse bbcodes?
Members having issues posting to the forum
Forum not loading
Post Already Exists
Quick Reply Modification?
Move a post
Registration Agreement and 3 other questions - Jason
Disable account
Strange code at the forum's header
Own domain
Weird code showing up
Pictures in footer
E-mail Notifications Have Gone Dead Again
Can a defunct forum be reinstated by MFF?
Importing my forum to MyFF
lost images
I'm Ignorant about User/Member Passwords
Flags and birthdays
Text size in header
Uploading pictures using Chrome
photobucket videos
An admin refuses to delete my profile from a forum
A forum post managed to lock down the forum.
Upload youtube video from Ipad
Members post lists not working
Notification to all on new topic
Reduce white space
Fine and Fast
Attach file maximum file size
Online indicator
Can'y get beyond the first page of registration
Where is the page for user IP addresses ?
Forum suspended, no idea why
Sub sub forum?
Adding banner image to the top of the page
Help please
Is there a time limit to photos in the gallery?
Locked out of my own forum by an administrator
Adding more smileys
Can't change Forum logo
My Forum is Closed, I would like help reactiviating it.
Members post history not available for viewing
Need help getting my forum back online
Are we allowed
Bogus Java Update Pop-ups
System very slow today
Still have issue with YouTube
admin email - contact administrator link
Can access Admin Control panel but can't see the controls
My forum is suspended
My forum is down . . .
User name changes to Admins in Admin panel
hidden section
Password or private
locked out of recently unsuspended account
Is "Most likes/thanks received" possible?
Please un-suspend !
How to embed a YouTube video into my PhpBB2 forum
automatically approving groups
Myff network running slow?
Forum Pages take forever to finish loading
All buttons disappeared making forum unusable
Some Random Post Increase
'Your Logo Here' box on forum
Temporary Closure
Missing pictures from older posts
Changing post background colors
Help: Forum Suspended
Problem loggiing in
Forum Suspended
Domain Problem
My Forum Won't Work :(
Help Needed.
Forum Suspended
Forum slow/intermittent not responding
Error message when posting on the forum
Can't access 'Management' in Administration Panel
I want to approve members' comments
Please un-suspend.
Can Not Upload Avatar Pics
Forum suspended
Forum Problem
Forum suspended?
howtodoit forum
Forum suspended please help
Forum suspended
Forum suspended
Forum will not open from saved link
Forum suspended, please help.
Our forum has been suspended - please help restore!
Forum Suspended
Forum suspended
Forum replaced with terms and conditions?
Getting an error message
Forum Suspended
Members logged in and being logged out!
Admin access disabled
Urgent Advice
Custom Profile Fields no longer visible
Moderater and Admin Colour
Changing URL
IP Address
Gallery/pics not displaying!
Facebook button & display
Problems accessing 'myfreeforum' forums
Log in page +
Lost admin status
Cannot connect to happyflowershugskisses myfreeforum
Is this allowed, permitted etc. on my myfreeforums boards?
Database Issue
Slow forum
Ads off center on page
backing up a board
My board is down
Photo Gallery is not showing ...
auction thread
Deleting the whole board.
My Forum Has Gone
Problem accessing my website. DNS related?
[Support/Help] Users Posts
Problems with the display
"Hidden" Topics
Double posting
NRC Problems
Emailed MFF hyperlinks dead in pop3 Android 4.4 email inbox
Problem with searching members posts
Off Centered Ads On Forum Blocking Index Page Content
How to re-open forum
Forum Page Searching
Forum similar to biblebabble website allowed, permitted*
How To Change Forum Owner
Drag and drop pictures
A member cannot post using an iPad.
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