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PhpBB2 General Support
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Allowing only usergroups to see some forums...
Edit 4 xmas
Custom tab icon
digitalpoints ads
Hack 4488 Don't display sigs and avatars
Hack 3377 BBCode Table
Hack 3377 BBCode Table
Hack 526 Admin userlist
Hack 187 (Birthday field in user profile
Hack 1156 - 30 seconds refresh of who is online
Hack 782 - users registered within the last X hours
Hack 5231 - Search engine, Keywords, SEO handy
Ignore feature
Younger Students
disallow rather than allow HTML hack
more than one forum
Auto I.P Log
Can I create my own style?
A Community dedicated to destroying forums ADMIN HELP!
Having Online Music
Help with Mods/Admins and Groups
Moved Topic
BB Table
Private Messaging
Moderator edit log
your emails are going in my bulk folder?
Email address,email support policy & Pay-Pal Address
Inactive forum
Inactive forum cull
how to post link buttons
Why not let users edit their own styles?
Terms and conditions suggestion...
How do I access admin panel?
Styles and hacks and magic...
online radio
I can't make a new category
justification tags
header and footer
non-nude forum
New post counter
New style please
Users IP Addresses
Usernames in itallic?
Moderators adding to Usergroups
my times are all wrong! im baffled!
inserting logo
Quick Sign In
Help me spammers joined my board
HTML as a Banner?
Can you put photograph's in your post's
Can't see new posts??
deleted users
Restricted Users
Pop ups !!
How do you create different categories or sections in foum?
open/closed group - what is this?
Is everything free?
My Free Forum Logo
Moving posts
What rights do mods have in admin panel ?
How can I make links unclickable?
time zones
donate buttons and buying out site
Image on skin?
group colors
Todays posts
paypal donate buttons
Admin Validation
Default word censors?
Frames and login
Guest In Hidden Forum
Deleting threads?
Site Description
New Layout
Topic notification problem and new post issue
Limit polls
Pictures in posts?
Save message box to thread
spell check ?
Capturing screen shots of available styles
Post in haste, repent at leisure. SPOILER CODE
Deleting Groups..??
Redirect forum
User's posts not counted
Can you help with my word censors?
Is there anyway you can get rid of the part
Restricted Admin Access
BB Code not working when it comes to URL's
IP Enquiry.
Can i use html in my Forum
Morpheus Theme
Changing background
Pruning: Should it be ON or OFF?
automatically approving groups
A way to download/backup forums
More Smileys
The newest registered user is....
Web site clock
Hit counter and clock
league table
Avatars and Emoticons
User logs in and sees no "new posts"
Guidlines for a good forum!
ftp client/rank images
24 hour clock
sound effect
Import from ezboard?
Hit Counter?
Forum not sending Topic reply notifications
phpbb banner/box
avatar gallery
New Topics... But not New Topics
Mod to see what people voted in polls
Is the Forum free forever?
Distinguished Members, and a Spambox
New permission ranks
Logo on a skin
yu gi oh styles
Posts not counting
Importing from an old forum
Moving posts?
New styles!
Changing the forums images
Altering new posts, no new posts pics.
Other languages
Text Colour Chart?
forum locked??
How do you add more main folders?
Hiding Boards
Mods can't find mod forum
Affilate Box
Wide topics
mod or hack to show where people are on the site
Forum as homepage
i was wondering bout forms and backgrounds
Adding A link?
Preventing topic posts
Back Up
Forums on major search engines
Members & Admin must sign in multiple times
How do i hide I.P adresses?
forum security question
Changing styles
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