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PhpBB2 General Support
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Move Topics from forum to forum
Changing the top ad
changing colours
Perhaps This Spoiler Code Is Better
BB Code Spoiler
Password protected Hidden forums
hello i want to ask can i add mods to the forum ?
Shout Box HTML
Avatar size
Spoiler Tags Hack
Perhaps This Spoiler Code Is Better
Perhaps This Spoiler Code Is Better
Spoiler Tags Hack
Spoiler Tags Hack
Buying a name for my forum
language problem...
Change avatar gallery
How to get rid of test forum
How to get rid of test forum
A heads up for Forum Admins
Shout Box
setting up a private forum
New buttons/features on the template editor
Threaded Forum
User Groups
New user's profile
Post count
picture uploads
Centering text?
Page width
Reputation Power
How can I create and RSS Feed for a forum
meta keywords
Signature editing !
Video Clips
Signature with Images
Search Engine Title Problem
No More Ads!!!
Logo problem, help needed please
Visitors browsing forum
New Posts
Styles/Admin Create
Home button
A problem allowing new users
Can you??
domain help
A favour from someone in the know
Template Colour Changes
Forum Graph
Reg vs Reg Hidden
Inabitlity to create poll
Attaching themes to templates.
Be nice to our volenteer designers!
Forum Directory
An example of how good English will help you!
How to convert your forum?
simple permissions
Signature and profile links
automatic avatars
Advanced user search
Add Last User Visit Date to Memberlist
phpBB search engine indexer
Time delayed bans and selected mods can ban
Allowing HTML tags
Search Engine Title Change
Do i have a limit on posts
The TRUE power of the forum...
Change of post icons
Simple anti spam bot measure.
Browser/Scrolling Issue Raised
Member List Order
google talk
do posts in forums where users post count dont go up....
Unwanted registrants
google bot in hidden mod only forum?
Popular forums page
IP Address Security (Moderators)
A key benefit of a free forum system!
Home Button
Multiple Ranks
Custom Avatar Gallery
Picture to left of logo
Moving Posts
Lurking and lurkers
centering an image ina post
Help... I can't get forums to post
mass pm
footer html
hacking attempt avatar-owlmirror.jpg ?
Some thoughts as I create my second forum
Avatar Resizer
nice image to link to MFF?
forum styles/templates/logos
Flash Support
Logo Help Request
consent forms
Common Internet Ranks
what about some ban uppdate
New users beeing banned
Logo problems
lower post counts
Picture in Forum Description
Post Count (New one)
Post Count (New one)
How can I make a forum catagorey that post counts dont go up
moderators can ban
Mass Email to Members
how do i make a forum?
turning a forum section to a gallery
Order in HTML?
not sure which category to place this in...
phpBB search engine indexer
BB Code
phpBB search engine indexer
Moderators Control Panel
Spell Checker
Me and friends could use some help
how do i make a catagory
Anyone else having connection problems
sharing location via a link to google earth?
Html help
Images not showing up correctly
image paths..
Which template file to edit
Auto Group Hack
automatic addition of new users to a group?
bogus members
Limiting Registration
Link back to main web site.
Advanced user search
Advanced user search
Old topcis bin
how can i make a user belong to a user-group?
What HTML scripts do you use on your forum?
cash mod
Forum viewing problems
scrolling text
I don't know how to delete individual posts.
unban ip addresses and user names
Security Issue
City of Villains style?
Fast Reply
Template showcase
Activation e-mails
Lost Email
How to add a chat room
Ignore list; quick reply box
Time does not change properly
Footer Uses
empty space when posting threads.
Help! When I add topics, they don't show up
Posting Polls
Terms And Condition Pic
Removal of global moderator hack
forum radio
Editing your own styles. Some resources to read.
Can I move my PHPBB BB from another host to this one?
Changing email address for notifications
Getting logged off automatically
Changing domains...
To buy a site?
Post Count (very simple)
Avatar resizer simple hack
Advanced user search
FAQ edit
Advanced pruning
Rank images not working.
Allow multiple spaces.... (very simple)
Post Count (very simple)
pm messages
Ranking of forums
Masking a url in a post
HELP! I'm Locked Out Of My Forum.
New forum topic
how do i change the style
theme tune mp3's
big pics on forum catogories
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