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PhpBB2 General Support
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Help Needed - Adding My Banner
Moving a thread
changing my web name?
recieve emails from all posts posted
a what is bb code and where can i learn it
using google
lost username
Add a chat box to your site
Left Column
i just found a cool hack lets you make your own...hack 2121
i found a good html tag pleace
I need hacks for the template Athena
Music Player
Myfast forum and myfreeforum
Somebody who is messing up my forum.
Rank and Buddylist
help me somone ill be very greatful.
Hide list of moderators
a flash template creater
Importing existing forums
not recognising users
How do I add a sample of my themes?
a how do i make an image a link
New Style
Admin & MOD Colour
Rank Images..
User Groups
merging two differant sites
PM threshold
Stop post count increase in specific boards
PM threshold
Forum Rule's?
a ok id like to have that spoiler thing
Is there a way to add games to the forum?
Forum style reset
Ad-free forums?
create a style switch menu at the bottom of forum
Logo / Banner
text alignment
Logo help
Amount Of Forums
Template editor simplifications
Is it possible to have a backup of the forum?
A copyright question
Can you delete avatars in the avatar gallerey?
password protect topics
Web hosting
user keys
Shout box
google ads
Custom titles
Reply to view?
Pics in Posts?
fixing the time on my site
Viewing password
Quick Reply box
Under 13 in policy
Spam, Blacklist, and Whitelist?
Sigs and Banners
A permanent "Guest"? Changing icons?
Forums not showing as having new posts
Recommend a friend to forum
how do i make different people differnt ranks? (E.g Advanced
low levels and high levels of power
Are there different levels of "Moderator"?
Can the font be changed in my website?
Instant message names
Registration email
HTML learner
Merging Forums
Is it possible to limit the amount of emotions in posts?
Catagory Troubles
Right clicks...
Slightly Inappropriate Add.
Video HTML
Uploading Images
Html in posts..
Group Management
Forum Directory Keywords
Graphic Message Alerts?
Adding a link
PM Hack
User online in last 24 hours
Advertisements at the bottom of the page
Adding Latest posts to homepage
how to add admins?
admin template overide
"Guest" viewing private areas of site
Lower post count
I guess this would be a banner question?
Scripting for banning
Side bar is messed up.
Insert Pictures
a way to change rank size?
How to move a post
admin adds users
Disallow editing replied posts
"Image could not be loaded" HELP!
HTML in posts
Hacks How Do I Install them
Affiliates Table.......
Strange post by guest on Holidaychat
HTML Editor for mass e-mailing
How can I give SOME users special privaledges?
Centering the Avatar and other info....
coop weight
Background picture issues
Post counter
Hits on Forums
Forum categories
How can I ban my old phpBB board?
problem with logo
i need help getting rid of the Forum 1
Hidden and Guest Users
Private(hidden) forum says locked...
HTML redirecer
Slow loading
help with sigs...
E-mail validator
Login box at the bottom of the screen
E-mail validator
Overall header
IP addresses
[img] Tags don't seem to be working..?
Tickers won't work in my siggy!
Scrolling Message Box
Add a spellchecker to you site:
Template editing
Avatars bigger than 12kb
I've Been Locked!
Emails sent from the board
"You are over your image quota" error message
I cant get into admin panel
help... its about width
Template Downloading
Ranks has disapeared
Putting HTML into a normal post
special ranks
Video Clips?
Virus alerts on the forum?
I need to make this url a signature how do i do it?
I wish the forums would not have all the adds..
Server support this?
How do you make different forums?
How do you unban people?
Member swapping forum
Web Browser crashes on Submitting Posts
Updates and Other Issues
Show First Post on Every Page
latest post rather than oldest
Hack 3377 BBCode Table
New buttons/features on the template editor
Add Recent Posts on index page
forum statistics
Last posts
need bank details
Adding games room to your site!
Is there a limit to how many forum u can have
How do I filter websites
Sock Puppets
[Security] Do I need to worry about these?
Took over board for another host....
Forum "currently unavailible"
putting images up around your webpage
Will my logo get me banned?
Top 10 users list
Ad-free forums?
adding an image in my signiture
what is trillian?
Domain Names
changing folder icons
changing folder icons
board unavailable
When users sign up... it says
Plesk / FTP question
Footer html........................
banner gaps
site slowing up and admin panel takin ages to load?
Can anyone help me with a Logo or Theme
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