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Malware reported on site.
Moderator Font
uploading problems
Editing my log in screen for users
up loading photographs via iPad
Private messaging access
Viglink loading time
Need admin help on category deletion ASAP
Email notification has stopped
Changing Quote Background Colour/Quote Text Colour
Memberlist -last post date
Removing a redirect
phpbb2 - phpbb3
Resync User Post Counts in Maintenance
Displaying newest posts first
Submit Button Colour
Forum Email
Unable to delete two erroneous custom profle fields
How do I set forum category to private in this instance?
Attach file does not work
sticky help
Unable to up load images
iframes error please help ty
Server Down
Registration problem
Profile field very small, how do I adjust it?
Control panel - forum dosent exsist
Server down or user error?
Forgotten password
domain fees and help
Locked out of support forum with preferred ID
forum articles
Unlocking a Domain
domain linking
Change to Forum Name.
Listed on the internet
A message to users: Only admin. or mod. can view this forum
Question about Database retrieval and transfer
Downloadable Files
E-Mail notifications help..........
Mass Email only to new forum members
Mass Email was too fast?
Running daily total
Won't Connect
No post mode specified
on a go slow
How do you make a members location details a required field.
Addin a clock to the forum
Moderating posts
New member signature
Soft Erotic and horror images (splatter and gore)
Non-Mod member getting notifications from a locked, Mod-only
Original Forum Owner lost login details for MYFF forum admin
Site marking new members inactive
Virus/Suspicious Webpage Messages
Arcade is not working
deleting my forum
MFF Control Panel
Just some Coding
Forum Database export?
Posting pics on my forum
Deleting a rank ...
Gif files?
Last edited
Last Visit date
Moderating new members...
Off site avatar's
Subforum not showing up
Who is Online
Easter Smileys
calender template?
Font size
Footer/Foot note
Username Colors
Apostrophe in notifications e-mails
Unable to Mass Email
Hack Requesrs
text enhance
Internet Explorer has modified this page
Weird Menu Look
Is there a macro to link to user profile?
Gmail warning on incoming messages
Search Hits Word Color
Mobile Template for phpBB 2
Struggling to restore forum
Log in problems
Post count glitch
Our site
Our Site
Mirroring threads.
How to close a board
Access to forum statistics
Changing background color of a column in the viewtopic_body
how to make a forum that is moderated
Adding Recent Topics Outside of Portal Display Technique
Restricting image size in posts
Scammerhunt templates disappearing
new members registering
Dynamic Banner
Is this possible?
Removing old pictures from Gallery
Forum Registration Fails
Member having trouble loging in
Error message
Upgrade to Phpbb3 doesn't work
Report Feature
email claiming to be from admin?
Wrong flood interval for new members
Assigning Smiles To A Group.
buying my forum
Error when uploading pdf file
Merging link
Guests again
Template fault??
Critical Error
Splitting topics
Changing New User Account email address
Site logo
Forum Archive Copy?
How To Convert To PHPBB3 - Add Force
Unregistered can view my profile
Why is my Index button so large
banners in posts?
Newbie question - thread "views" counter
forum banner
help needed (i.e another forum
Forum Down Won't Connect
Error message pop up ...
MP3 files
Posting Error
Malware alert -html:Iframe-inf
New posts not highlighted
Addendum to T&C
Help with template icon
Shadow topic - renaming?
Live Links
Some members unable to view thier profiles
User's Cannot Register
Hi - E-mail (New Disk Space Allocated■)
Error - Mass E-Mail
wordpress - has anyone embedded myfastforum?
Upgrading to phpBB3
Change forum name
Guests - from european ISP's
Access Issues
Users experiencing access problems
Disallowed Names List Broken
Search Index rebuild forum login dont work to get in control panel
Blackberry link
Forum Interupted by EveryDNS message
DynECT Message
Mjprosilverportal drop down not working
Carerwatch back up links
Birthday today switch
can my members post videos?
suspension of forum
My forum has been suspended
Avatars gone?
Forum auto size to fit users browser
attach file error
Can not make any posts - getting error message
template request
making new templates
Removing "edited by" from posts..
How to locate the email address of the forum
email notices
Would like Catalan flag added to /ranks/ccflags_medium/
Forum Ownership Succession Planning
Membership authorization
External links open as a 404 error
incorect format for members post
Blocked IP
Arcade giving wrong username
Database problem
Member can not get logged in
I think I may have goofed
Major Issue with a Private Forum
Control panel issues
Post Counter is not working
How do I stop a post page from jinking around?
E-mail notifications to Admin
Unable to delete a certain Category with Forum and Posts
Can I moderate new users? i.e. decide who can join the forum
Unable to login to support forum using Firefox
pm problem
SOS Animals UK Editor Question
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