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Critical Error Could not connect to the database
Managing Permissions and privacy
Strange view on iPad
How do I add games to play? Also suggestions thread.
Need a +10.5 GMT timezone
Spammers posting without an account registration
Help me change the picture
Background Skins
admin panels differences ?
mass email error
Application for smartphones
Ad free for my forum
500 --- internal server errer my forum
Double posts
Forum Problems
help please
Own domain connectivity performance
Double Posting
Large Thread ?
html pages not downloading due to HTTP 500 error
DNS and roll back problem
Database Syncronisation
tagging posts etc
Stale Thread Posting Warning
Thank you
My Forum
My forum does not exist!
Help Needed
Reducing existing avatar maximum size ?
Downtime Alert message still showing for previous downtime
phpBB : Critical Error Could not connect to the database
Critical error notice
Using Subdark Template but need some help please
Our photo gallery is down ...
Problem loading page
image links
Can't access forum
my forum is giving error now help
Cannot Access Forum - Internal Server Error Messages
youtube not working
Forum doesn't exist ???
Which Cms.tpl file must I edit to change fonts?
"hello dbadmin zaphod" what does this mean????
Critical errors
Restoring A Deleted Topic
How do I set passwords to forums if possible
My forum will not convert to phpbb3
Users ip address
Modify the forum's description
Gallery pictures
Strange Problem
help required with smilies error message please
Approving new forum members and posts
more image problems
Slow running
Smiley packs
Any server issues in the North West Area of the UK ?
new user account notification
Ebay hotlinks spamming our forum
Please Delete Forum
Just a little help.
Out of office notification
Forgot password?
Ebay Links Have Gone Dead
Private Messaging - Reply Preview
Uploading smilie pack help required
Critical Error problem
is this allowed ?
Can't change Logo pic.
How To Create the Editor user .
Cannot Reset Password
Cant log in DB by FTP
User Level Issue??
User IP on registration displayed in ACP
Word Wrap Issue
Thanks function
popular topic threshold
Search reveals topic titles of hidden folders
Sub Forums
Gallery is not visible/can't upload pics ...
Ad free paid for another year
Unable to log into owners control panel
Making a forum private
Please Delete My Board
cant move forums up and down the order
Twitter Button
Uploading a photo
Changing default text for denied access to hidden areas
backing up info
forum suspended ????
Would like a country flag added to /ranks/ccflags_medium
Forum slow in the morning.
Mass Email
remove the words from the header on template
Members skin selector
Text size
Footer edit in control panel
Ad removal
Strikethrough bbcode button
Forum running very slow ...
image problems
Password and avatar
Chat box at top of site
Can we pay for admin to upgrade from phpbb2 - phpbb3?
Mass delete users trouble
How do you register new users to your forum?
Admin password changed
i forgot my password
data transfer
smugmug video
Restoring 'purged' records
Locked out of Admin
Stop Registrations
prob a really dumb question
problem members
you tube videos
Forum ownership
Member deleted from board by a ghost!?????????
How do I
Poll voters
Is there a way?
forum suspended !!!!!!!!!
silly question
a banner
Done something wrong, not sure what.
phpBB Critical Error
Is it possible to remove sub forum text?
Location location location
Ranks underlined
Todays posts
Forum - Managment appearing blank
Sub forum squashed icon
forum name
Phantom PM
like button
New posts not showing
Cash Mod Error
custom tab icon
Posted under the wrong Username
Editor Doesn't have Admin Access?
Sorry I have no idea where to put this it's not a URL Persay
Transferring ownership
general help needed !
rss feed
Ad free
We have lost access to myfreeforum.greenjeans
deleted all users !!!!!
spam post's
Continuous spamming attemtps
My Free Forum Directory
IE blocking forum
upgrade problems
Hiding moderators - vewiwing by non members
Non members viewing
Forum freezing
Self launching adverts ...
Setting up a domain name
Question about forum export / backup
Post count
Password resets
Domain name
Hide moderators
Forum slow and wide Advert banner at top of page ...
new member join up details
Forum owner holding to ransom
New Post Notification
Stealing Copyright Content from my forum
Guests Viewing Forum Marked Private
Gallery pics not showing ...
Change color of admin/mod as it appears on bottom
Un-ban IP's
Colour coded sub-Form name
You tube videos
Domain Issue
can't log in
Registration screen massage - modify language
Importing data from another forum
Guests Viewing Private Messages
Adds On My forum
html code possible in header ? (as well as footer)
Overall impression/ad removal and question
Forum slow ...
Embedding Youtube Videos in forum posts
Most users ever online reset total
Search users list by page number
Malware reported on site.
Moderator Font
uploading problems
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