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Updates (9/14/07):

Hello, This is Lavathing9. I am here to say something I really would rather not have to say. A member of my forum, for most that know her, a friend as well, Zenni (Jen) has passed away. I do not think it is my place nor responsibility to go into details. She was killed on September 11th, 2007 around 8:45 PM in a severe car accident. My heart goes out to Jen, Jen's Family, Kyle (Kire), and his family and to all others involved.

I am turning my forum, Naruto RP Center, offline for a few days in memory in her. Please do not complain. We morn Jen's death and would rather not have comments from you unless they contribtue to the situation.

With this I will end my brief speach. Jen will always have a place in my heart. Rest in Peace, and Goodbye Jen. I will miss you.

-Max (Lavathing9, Admin of NRC)

We will reopen 9/14/07 at 5 PM EST Time. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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