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NRC Problems

Alrighty, so currently I'm locked in a conflict with the site, as I am the Head of Forums, or was before the stuff got real lol. Nonetheless, a member, also known as Alexhatcher, hacked into one of my sleeper admin/an account I made long ago, so basically removed me from CP panel and relieved me of duty so to speak. Clearly both emails ( as well as are both mine, and based on our rules, hacking is not allowed, especially on an admins profile (and I'm pretty sure that's a MyFF rule as well).

Nonetheless, I have screenies of it all, so here we are.


Him basically announcing that people can do whatever in the CP, the sabotage is there. Basically he probably went behind me and changed the email, but I'm guessing y'all got logs for that and such,


Proof that it was indeed my email and he got hacked (I also registered with the same email.)

Basically I'd like to have the user Alexhatcher, removed from the CP, as well as the sleeper, and me put back in place. Thank you, if their are any more questions, just let me know and I can address them. I've been a member of this site for 7 years, and I really wouldn't like to have that all squandered away in the wind.
myff admin

Admin accounts can be restored from:;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

there has been no change there since 2013-07-31.

We cannot set any stock by screenshots as they can easily be manipulated.

Is there any other possible way? Because the owner of the forum, Lavathing9, has been absent for quite sometime, I just took the reign as to not let the forum die.
myff admin

We would need convincing proof, currently you are someone we do not know on the support forum making a claim that has no evidence we can accept.

I have emailed Lavathing9 at what looks like the last legit email address. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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