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Not Sure

I'm not even sure what to ask here because there are many situations. Me and my group have had several experiences with stalkers in the past and present and needed a place to discuss our situations. Which was BTW this host given to us as a link in recommendation. Second, several other members have been very busy and I have tried to keep the forum active but have had trouble signing in for the last four months.
Third, me and one other person had gotten "Attack of DoS" type threats and then I got an email saying to post here to figure out what happened to the forum. I had MOST of it closed off. Private and it was strictly for only the victims that I knew or that had similar experiences. I got another email stating that it was due to inactivity.

Which I have tried to add to but have been dealing with a total poophead trying to get that situated. So my hands have been tied and I didn't just want to throw everything into one huge mess, I wanted to be able to edit and save in the proper categories and all.

Please help.

P.S. May I PM the link to the admin? This is for keeping a safety net over anyone's identity. It's to safeguard the people who've been targeted on other sites before. Just as a precaution.

Update: Got my forum back online, I do notice some kind of spam post there, and will remove it. Thank you, admin, for helping. I will be sure to be more active and now that I can sign in (via firefox since windows don't seem to work) I will be keeping a better watch on things. And sorry that I haven't been able to, but will put extra effort into it now. I had no idea about the spammers. So thanks for the heads up in your announcement. Much appreciated! Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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