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Not Sure Whats Happened.. Posts Gone!

Hi there,

Posts have gone down all the recent threads in chat have disapeered, like a page worth.

Ive checked the log and doesnt show any sign of deletation, only 3 threads and more than that have gone.

also its not on pruing so whats up ?

Firstly, I know your in a bit of a panic for an answer, but you could post a link, please bear in mind members here may have more than one forum and you can't expect us to assume it's the one in your sig, that said assuming it is the forum in your sig, all sections have had posts today from what I can see with the exception of moderator apps.

Might be an idea on your part to check with any other admins you may have or check to see if the permissions for those affected forums, may be wise to check with your moderators too if they are able to delete post, then they can delete entire thread with their mod cp.

Other than that I can't think of anything more to suggest unless admin can improve on that?
myff admin

Is forum pruning set on on the forums concerned?

Hi i was meant to paste the link but didnt sorry its

In  there were alot more threads about a page worth, but now most say last post novemeber 24 etc, so some have gone.

Im the only active admin, as the oher admin is having a break due to family problems.

Forum pruning has been disabled, I have never looked into this, and i have just checked to make sure it hasnt.

Just looks closer into the logs and loads threads been deleted by one moderator, I have a feeling someone has got into his acount and deletd them

Remove the guys moderator status and email him the reason why and that, when he's available you'll set him a new password, once he's logged in with the new password you can then restore his mod status.

I have already done that, but thanks anyway

Is it possible to to a backup-retstore?

How much does it cost?

This tread explains all although this may have to wait until sunday night /monday morning.

Okay Thankyou Symon Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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