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Norton Trojan warning apparently about MFF Galleryserver

I administer

A user has reported getting two Norton warnings:


Link to:

Which reports:
   Threat Name:  Trojan.Adclicker

I have searched this forum already.

Please advise.

Thanks,  David Halfpenny
myff admin

The warning if true is about a file uploaded to the gallery, these are always described as download as your own risk, as anyone can upload to the gallery.

In this case I have deleted the msn.exe file as it does look dodgy, but this sort of thing can always crop up.

Thank you for doing that.

I suspect that this guy's Norton has chugged it's way through the whole gallery.

I don't know whether there's a way to limit the File-Types that the gallery will accept, in the way that some email lists will only accept certain file-types.

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