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non-nude forum

can i create a non-nude forum with pics of celebs like britney spears etc?there won't be any bare nipples or fannies so it won't be xxx.

is this a good idea or will my forum be taken down?
myff admin

With "adult" subjects we cannot give you a complete definition of what is and is not acceptable. Legal systems have tied them selves up in knots for years trying to define those sorts of bounderies!
But we are pretty liberal, and not out to remove forums off the system at a whim.
As such the line is not strictly drawn at nudity, though if that was the core of what was being posted, then it would break the terms & conditions.

The main point I would make is that you as admin bear the legal responsibility for your forum contents. Pictures may have copyright!

but surely simply linking to pictures already on the web won't violate the copyright, and who takes any notice of copyrights anyway.
myff admin

It was just a friendly warning!

We do not get into the business of defining just what is and is not legal. we are not lawyers and as stated you are in charge of your content and hence legally responsible for it. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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