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no members

I have had my forum for almost a week and there are NO new members . I switched the registration to user as well So I don't know wat is wrong.
myff admin

You must give the (myfree/myfast/myfine) link to your forum. A link should be given to the problem if at all possible. Do this whether you think it is important or not.

Why are you expecting members?

I've had my forum for quite a bit longer and I have no new members .

You need to put posts in all your forums. That's something I haven't done, so no one has come. People are uninterested by a giant wall of empty forums.

Also, you should not have such high expectations, in fact, you should expect no one to join for a while (unless you manage to have the group before making the forum).
myff admin

I have removed another link posted here about the same forum. Spamming is not tolerated.

I see 5 forums listed, with 18 posts total, and only one of the forums having more than 1 member...

Content draws people!

Try promoting your forum at a few promotion forums.
Request some services like Packages and Reviews.

Packages = A member of the package team would join your forum and post X amount of posts depending on what size package you request.

Reviews = Reviews  gives your forum tips and concentrates on certain points of your forum and gives it a score. Then the reviewer will add them all up and give you a total score.

Another amazing service is post exchanges.

Create a topic called"5/5 post exchange" or something similiar and members will ask if you want to do the post exchange with them or not. You will either agree or disagree (maybe because their forum is not active enough) You will post 5 posts on their forum (this is just an example) and they'll post 5 on your forum. Some people are really nice and offer something like 5/10 or 10/15. This means you post either 5 posts or 10 posts on their forum and they post 10 or 15 on yours. Forum Index -> Running your community
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