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No longer a teenager :D

Well as the title says, I am now 20, Happy b'day to meeeee   .

Things looking up for me recently too.

1. Got a new girlfriend, she's amazing, and was the first person to wish me happy birthday when she text me at midnight it's a bit long distance, but we're giving it a try and it's going great  

2. Finally heard back from the passport office and it looks like (as from monday) I'll have a paid job, though i will be continuing my voluntary work in the charity shop too, i love working in the shop   .

3. Waiting for my present off my sister, a brand new 120 digital camera, can't wait. I've needed a better camera for soo long now but never had the money   .
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! 20, wow, I remember that age. lol Have fun with the new camera!

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