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No access to ACP

I have upgraded to phpBB3, however, both my admin accounts do not have permission to access the ACP.

These accounts did have access to the ACP during my testing of the phpBB3 forum test site so has something changed during the actual migration?
myff admin

You could try asserting access via the control panel. I can't think what would have happened to prevent access.

If I try and access the UCP it just asks me to sign in again.

Is the ucp.php file present in the new version?
myff admin

There seem to be a few issues with the phpbb3 conversion going on at the moment.
I suggest hanging fire on it, and using any conversion facility with a new host should it come to that.

Can you roll the forum back then please as there is no point me paying for an export of a broken forum I cannot access?
myff admin

You can set which forum type you have in the control panel. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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