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Next generation portals

The next generation of portals will move the forums system further into the realms of how phpbb2/3 really should have been written.

Most modern systems have adopted the very sensible practice of making code mods work not by having to be inserted into the code, but by recognising that the system has essentially a whole bunch of "action points" where code mods might want to be involved. For examples:

onRegister, onLogin, onPost, onLogout....

The list is pretty long, but if you implement it, then all a code mod needs to do is to register where it wants to be involved and the the forums code can just automatically call in the mod at the right points. All without the main line code being altered.

Its neat modular and efficient and used by just about all modern sensible systems that expect that people will want to modify them. It is pretty criminal that these concepts are not there in phpbb2/3.

The very first step has been to tweak portal admin so that you can see which portals you have edited. That change is written and will be installed after the weekend.

Sounds great!

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