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New User Approval

The owner of the site that I administer reported that she is no longer able to approve members before they have access to the site.  Some new members include a porn link with their registration.  She knows that people could do that anyway after they are members, but having to approve new members would at least reduce the incidence of such things.  All such new users have been removed from the forum manually to date.

myff admin

It's an  option under general configuration

Enable account activation: none/user/admin

set it to admin to make the admin have to approve users before they can post.

Thanks so much for that.  However, that's the problem.  That is already set to Admin.  Any idea how these folks might be getting past it?
myff admin

Are they actually posting? They will appear as users but won't be active and their link will not show to ordinary users. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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