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myff admin

New server progress

Just ordered a new machine from Dell, 400 so obviously not the new server  

Plan is to transfer the office work to the new machine, and make Xen virtual server out of the current main PC.

This should be a good way to test out the proposed way of running the new server when it is purchased. We do have a spec for the new server lined up and it comes to over 9000, somewhat more than hoped for, but that's life.

The aim will be to get the new server installed in Chicago, and then one by one empty the existing servers and also move them to the windy city. In this new configuration the servers will be linked on their own private LAN as well as to the outside world. They will also be converted into virtual servers.

The new server will be more powerful than the existing servers, somewhere between 2-3 times I would say. Virtualization should also improve performance as the mysql database does not scale well to the levels we run it at. Running less forums per instance of the mysql database should be a great improvement. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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