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myff admin

New server and NAS ordered


Somewhat over 9000  

But this bout of insanity should give us totally unfettered potential to take myff into the future.
P Shivers

You may need an intervention.

I am just saying.
myff admin


It means we will have a minimum of 126gb of RAM on the servers 28 CPU cores and more than 7Tb of disk.

That is an insane amount of hardware.

It does mean there will be a disruption as we bring it online, but once we are set it will really make a difference.
myff admin

The NAS has turned up, last time it took weeks. Mind you a NAS without the server has limited application.
myff admin

Starting to format the NAS, like the last one it will be divided into two, an ISCSI volume which will be the fastest way of accessing the system and a general volume that can be used for NFS access.

In a sense this betrays the fact that whilst we are moving more leaps and bounds beyond the type of set up rival free forums hosts generally have, we are still not google   5 powerful servers and two NAS systems might well be $50,000 of hardware but it is still not enough that it does not need prudent housekeeping.
myff admin

Delivery on the new server is estimated as the 25th.

The real question will be how long does it take from that point to yet again migrate things?

Last time round it was 3 months, but that was a cross Atlantic move. This time small forums are taking about 6 seconds to move.

This leads to an approximate figure of 100 hours of actual raw transfer time.
myff admin

I assumed as we ordered Monday the system was just being tardy, but evidently it was fubar.
myff admin

Just musing here, one of the questions with the new server setup is going to be how we handle resource pools of servers?

It is all part of the question of how to ensure forums keep running through thick and thin.

We have seen on other free forum hosts the unacceptably bad way to do things, with people losing a months or even all their forums posts  

But there are a whole lot of ways to do things acceptably well, roughly speaking there are perhaps 6 checkboxes you could tick off, ticking off a single one of them might (if it is the right box) be a barely adequate way of protecting forums. More sensibly I'd probably want to see 4 boxes ticked.
myff admin

Server is listed as shipped with delivery tomorrow

Touch wood this server is practically read to go, with XenServer5.5 preinstalled, so it should just need some network tweaks and any software updates done before installing at the datacenter.
myff admin

tick tock tick tock.

This is getting a pain, I really wanted more than one clear day before sending this to the datacenter
myff admin

I guess no chance for today now
myff admin

The delivery tracking eventually showed "driver out of time", way to long after the event for it to be useful.

Tracking systems still seem a little gimmicky to me, until they really detail the when and if of a delivery they don't have a lot of use.
myff admin

and finally here
myff admin

Slightly annoying I am running into issues when trying to use teamed network interfaces between the new server and the NAS. Almost certainly the issue is that I'm using a couple of consumer level switches rather than a business type switch. I have therefore put a switch on order and will delay installation at the datacenter.
I was half expecting this sort of issue, but a proper switch is not chump change
myff admin

This is very repeatable, and occurs even in modes that supposedly don't need special support at the switch  
myff admin

It occurred to me earlier that we now have 24 cpu cores active in the datacenter, and 24 cores sitting here waiting to be installed   much the same proportion goes for RAM and disk space.
myff admin

The test switch has turned up, and things are now working a lot more smoothly, I have been able to bond a couple of network interfaces on the big new server and everything still seems to be talking to each other, and hopefully faster given that on the big server we now have one interface to the net, two to the NAS and one for general interserver communication.

If all continues to go smoothly the machines will get to the datacenter Wednesday.
myff admin

The systems management interfaces have now been switched to the target network, what is handy now is that there is both an internal and external network, hence if there are any typos in the new network configuration the machine will still be accessible internally from another member of the internal network.

I can't think of anything else to do now apart from to box all the bits back up.
myff admin

tick tick, there is the barest sign of life from some of new kit, but clearly things are a few leads and setting short of anything useful happening.

Is it really that hard? 8 ports need connecting as per a set of instructions, 6 internal and 2 to the internet with those ports needing the datacenter to configure their network to see the ports as being on our subnet.
myff admin

One minor wibble aside all seems to be connected

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