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Hey guys, it's me again.
I have another problem in my forum, users can not post on the new topics. After upgraded the forum, if I open a new topic, users can not post on that topic. I have given permission for groups who post on these topics, but they can not, they get this text: "You are not Authorised to read this forum." or even the "You Do not have the required permissions to read topics Within this forum."

What should I do to fix this?  

It's definitely the permissions you need to look at, for your future reference here is the phpbb3 version of howtodoit, however I just searched for 'permissions' on there and the search said it was too common a word  

The permissions on bb3 are not very intuitive but once you get used to them it makes it's own sense eventually.  As there are different ways to set the permissions both via the groups and by the forum settings, it's hard to say now where you might have gone wrong.  You say you have checked the group permissions, so my suggestion is to try the forum permissions.

After sleep and a good cup of coffee, I read again the permissions... God, is a labyrinth @.@
Sorry for the post, but yesterday I was very exhausted x__x

Thank you, again, thank you~ Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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