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myff admin

New management system

Well not really that new, but there is no question that the management system has got itself a little bit strained lately.

It lacks an ability to fully manage the transition between phpbb2 and phpbb3, and to deal with a few other circumstances that it should know about and alert a forum to.

It comes down to "only" storing 32 flags bits that are passed between a forum and "management". 32 sounds quite a lot, but they have all been grabbed for one thing or another and anyhow don't deal with the fact that a phpbb2 and phpbb3 forum will coexist in different states.

Another job on the TODO list.
myff admin

Decided to fast track this one. From now on there will be five flag fields.

phpbb2, phpbb3, owner, forumtype, advertising

That should cover a lot of ground. No point in doing this and then finding we are still short of detail later on down the road.
myff admin

Major "headache" on this so far is dealing with the fact that there maybe phpbb2/phpbb3 forums running in parallel as people are sloppy/slow/misinformed about finalizing the "upgrade".

The approach I am taking is that all info recorded about a forum will get stored separately, but actions taken on forums will treat the forums as a single account, e.g. if you are letting a phpbb3 forum be spammed whilst it's phpbb2 forum is running clean, a suspension will hit both versions This is a bit "tough" but reducing the complexity of the system and can only happen if a forum admin has been basically doubly incompetent. e.g. running a phpbb3 forum without properly completing the task in the control panel, and then letting spammers run riot.

There will be new warnings shown at the top of a forum if a forum is being accessed on a temporary "slarti3" type link indicating a forums upgrade has either not been completed or the admin does not understand that the link is a temporary one. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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