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New Girlfriend, New Job, New Life.....

Well, this year is going great for me so far...

New Girlfriend
New Job
New Digital Camera

Now just need a few of the non-essentials...
Computer and Hi-Fi
(Those will come shortly after my first pay day I think (End of this month))

Anyway, new girlfriend is soo amazing, she's inspired me to start doing my creative stuff again, writing poetry, drawing, etc...

And she's so fun, pretty, and she loves me for who I am lol  

And new job is amazing, so relaxed compared to what I thought it would be like, only been there just over a week so far though, so still settling in, but staff are really friendly, and there's lots of people there similar ages to me, which i wasn't expecting (though i guess the evening shifts are perfect for students, so that might be why.)

Anyhow, cant discuss it in too much detail, or tell you what i'm doing etc... as i've signed the official secrets act, woooooot!

So, hows the year so far for you guys?
myff admin

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