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myff admin

New gallery system

I'm now working on moving the gallery system to a new server that does not deal with forums, for that matter it does not deal with anything else either

This should have the following benefits.

1) A reduction in load on the Ford server, it will have to deal with less parallel requests which is always a good thing.
2) A possible increase in allowed image size, as we have cheaper bandwidth on this server.
3) We should be able to add a progress meter to uploads as I have installed php5.2 which makes that a lot easier.
4) Uploads should be faster as I'm tweaking the code to work differently.

There will probably have to be a short outage on the attachment system as the final transfer is made.
myff admin

I'm in a quandary,  there is a lot about this which is still bleeding edge on the code side, and in particular I'm caught by the javascript permissions system preventing me changing the upload system whilst keeping the templating system local.

e.g. If we want better features, the system no longer looks integrated in terms of look and feel. Probably that is a price worth paying?
myff admin

I think I have thought this through, fighting on the features front for the sake of cosmetics is really not worth the aggravation. However there remains some tests I have to make to see if javascript permissions won't bite us another way.
myff admin

As I thought I get stuffed the other way to  

This is deteriorating to the point where any gains are going to be outweighed by more problems. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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