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New forum

Just thought i would build up a bit of hype for my up and coming forum. The forum will have all the latest automotive news, along with spyshots of new cars, information from all the motor shows and all the latest motorsport news and results.

The forum is currently being created, but id just like to get a rough idea of how many people would be interested in joining. So if you plan to join please reply to this thread



We now have a few various live RSS feeds displaying on the site and I'm currently working on getting more feeds and also coding an affiliates box, which is being done at present.

Latest Update: We are working on styling a new style for the forum along with various other things like a Fantasy League and a few other improvements.

New template now in place ready for editing

forum index now completed in terms of styling, just need to sort out more images for post buttons Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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