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New forum - would anyone like to exchange links with me?

Hello.    I'm Erika, I have recently set up a forum aimed at parents, supporting parents. The main focus will be offering support and advice, however there are also many other boards for chat/debate or having a good laugh.

I am happy to exchange links with any type of forum, other paretning forums are most welcome too, I don't see it as a competition - working together gains better results for all. If anyone wishes to preview my forum prior to exchanging links, the url is

Many thanks for reading and warmest regards

I own a cooking forum. This is a good link for a parents forum beacuse it can teach a parent how to cook tasty and healthy food for their family. It may seem like the recipes are very complicated but please note we do have a request section for requesting recipes.

My forum is HERE!!! and I am designing a banner for it at the minute.

hi folks, ill swap sites with you if thats ok, mines brand new with no members as yet   ill copy and paste yours.
                                                      cheers all


Link Exchange

I recently formed a new forum for exchanging recipes and other valuable cooking information and tips. I would be glad to place a link in My Favorite Links section in exchange for one on your site or forum if our sites are somewhat compatible (NO ADULT TYPE SITES - MEANING NO X RATED SITES).

Thank You!

My site is:
JP's Recipe Exchange

I'd like to swap links with you all, if you don't mind?

I run a countryside-pursuits forum, & a lot of members (including myself) are very interested in cooking, curing, smoking & otherwise preserving game & other produce.......................

You can find us at You're welcome to come & have a look  Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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