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Need some custom graphics

Hi all

just after a banner for my forum

it's geared around motors i.e motorbikes, cars vans etc an motorsport. the banner ideally will be black and red (the template will be adapted at a later date to suit or if the person designing the banner has any suggestions on an acceptable template then all the better)

it will also appear on the website.

I like the look of my website and want the forum to match as closely as possible.

so to any budding designers help in this area would be much appreciated. Ideally I can get something for free but willing to pay if the full works were undertaken i.e forum revamp and website finished off.

just quote for me to think about but in meantime would love to get the banner done.

main priority is a banner that is ideal for the site and also one of the same type for me to use in signatures.


What size/format do you want for the banner?  Any particular pics of bike etc that you'd like used in the banner?

request template

i think it would be a good idea to have a request form made up,then we could spend more time on the graphic itself.

i also see that your forum is a blue colour and your website is a red colour?so which one would you like us to match too??

He did say that he wanted to make the forum match the look of the website, but yes a sort of request template might be useful.  I didn't think it would be necessary as I'd just tend to look on the forum and just make it the same size as existing unless specified different, and using the colour scheme again unless specified different.  But it isn't working out that easily hehe, best laid plans and all that  

Even with a preset form, you do still tend to have further questions, so I think for now we'll give it a little longer and see how it goes and maybe look at knocking something up at some point in the future.


ok<<<<<shuts up

test logo

not sure on the size but hows this??

ah sorry should've specified, the actual site name is Norwich Custom Rides and the Forum (will be once i've bought the domain) NCR Forum so the banner should be to suit.

Size should be whatever it should be for a main forum banner (no idea not really techno clued sorry) just want it to fill the top of the screen. and then a signature sizewd version of the same thing which i'll then link to the site (unless you know how to http that for me )

i'd like something a little more generic as the site isn't just for bikes it's for cars and motorsport too which yes makes it a little more tricky

I had a play with something like this, i'd really like to have this type of design ( I bodged this in paint but don't have the skills to make a better job of it )

so if you could build off that and make something special that would be awesome.

I'm trying to keep the NCR part common so I can have:

NCR Website
NCR Forum
NCR Racing

this will be three of the same design to allow seperation of the same theme

Hope that all makes sense but probably doesn't not great at writing design briefs  


should it dance as well

is this ok??


hmm little busy i'm afraid, I know this is a pretty annoying task as the item has to be simple yet effective. I like my design in terms of subtlety I just want it worked off into a usable design, on the actual webpage it looks pretty good but the logo needs to be able to be put on t-shirts for members and would only really be readable on a huge persons chest!

but yes really just want something a little like mine colour pallet Red, Black and white but feel free to adjust as long as it fits the theme. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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