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Need online/offline images

it would be awesome if we had some online offline images, like for ex. glowing green dot, and glowing red dot.

something like those... I dont know just a thought

We already have online /offline images.

Search HOWTODOIT for online or offline

i found only the ones that we are using currently, but on my forums, i want ones like there forums use a glowing green, and red dot.

In your first post all you asked for were online images.

Please explain more this will save confusion in the future.

Find the images you want and rename them offline .gif then upload them.

I could knock some up but without a link I can see the tamplate your using so I wont be able to set a bg color for them until then.

there are plent of online offine images that are available around the web. If you find some you like just join the site and pm or email the admin asking privledges to use there images. Note: Maybe list where you got them in a seperate post if they agree to it. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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