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Need Admin to add ranks


I zipped the file but was advised there were problems. I do not understand what the problem is and will fix it if you can make me see the light. Also symon your a great man, helping us and putting up with the crap you have to deal with,

Click to download file
myff admin

Basically we need a name to call the overall rank set?

Plus some of the filenames had spaces and other odd characters like "." in non standard places.

For maximum compatability we do not allow this.

Click to download file

Hopefully the new ranks title isn't taken? also fixed the file names with misplaced full stops, dropped all upper case letters to make adding the ranks easier as you only have to use lower case throughout and removed the txt file as you as the admin set the rank limits.

Thank You


Thank you for fixing the file. Im going to attempt to download and Upload it now. Ill let you know.



I downloaded the file, But when I try to upload it say invalid file name. Can you please help.


I think nick added that for Admin to upload when he had time .

So a gentle bump and wait for Admin.



Thanks man for all your help. If your ever in North Carolina and get a ticket, Ill help you out with what I can. Law Im good at Computers well soso. Thanks once again.
myff admin

Thanks Nick,

sorry for the delay I missed the post. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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