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myff admin - what tech to use?

Having an idea to do something is easy enough, but then it has to happen.

The first question is what tech to use. Do we use :

1) Portals? portals will get in on the act, but they by their nature integrate into the look of the forum and let people edit the templates. What we need here has to grow dynamically, its core is not something that will work well from the forum itself.

2) Meta forums? Like the arcade. Certainly we have functions in common, the whole idea of auto signup and transfer of profile data is straight from the arcade. But you can't escape the fact that we do not actually want a forum.

3) Write it all from scratch? Forget it, no one wants to reinvent wheels like database access libraries and template systems.

4) Joomla? Only catch with Joomla is that its user system has a reputation for getting clunky with a lot of users, we will have a lot of users. But there is no really reason to run with the Joomla user system accept for management. Why give anyone who signs on potential access to the admin side of things anyway?

So we end up with the idea of a Joomla system where we use Joomla modules/components for the functionality we want. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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