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myff admin - getting started

All software projects are subject to that tedious period of time between conception and the point where something is actually visible.

Whilst there is a heck of a lot to be done here, it does at least start off with a small initial hurdle in this regard.

Essentially we need a link on the forum where people can click and have accounts created/managed and login sessions handled. I fancy we have one small advantage on this over some other systems. php the programming language has a lot more by way of session handling libraries in later versions, and we know our servers have those versions. Unlike phpbb2/3 or Joomla we don't need to bother about compatibility with older servers

So this will be the target for the week. A system where you can join up and have access to, well nothing at all
myff admin

Of course prior to even session handling, there is the grunt work of setting up a local test domain, CVS system, Joomla installation and creation of basic framework components for the project.

But a slow start doing the automatic bits is often all to the good, there is never a hurry to commit to design decisions that will then have to be lived with.

I was enormously impressed when working for a small company and they actually allowed us to prototype something and then almost literally throw away the prototype. I was anticipating a "wow thats working well" which it was, "can't you turn it into the product?"
myff admin

First change of plan that should speed things along is to go with Joomla session/user management and build on it, rather than creating a parallel system. Better to strim that system down later than a clunky add on that will not fit easily within the Joomla framework.

This means tomorrow I can get right on to the automatic registration system. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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