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myff admin avatar sizes

One not so much compromise but practical aspect of the system will be that people photos/avatars will be at set sizes. Someof those sizes will be shown compressed such as 48x48 images for the whos online system.

But what size should be the base image? People will be able to upload at any size. But the images will be thumbnailed to this size.

I am thinking 96x96

Is there no way with java that can reduce an image shown by a percentage, rather than imposed image height and width as large pics with forced h&w reductions look incredibly poor on quality or is this not too much of an issue at this point, but of which can be come back to, when things get settled with it.
myff admin

For most purposes I will thumbnail in php, which works reasonably well, this will be the starting point for things like the online images. e.g. a thumbnail created server side and well.

As such I don't think we are going to need javascript to do the work, I don't think quality is going to be to much of a concern with the inherently distorted images in the "online wheel".

For the main images I am wondering if we could get away with 72x72 rather than 96x96. It may be a little small, but smaller is better for doing things with when screen space is limited.

Would a more 'portrait' friendly size be better? Such as would assume that a good number of these avatars will be a photograph of the user which would leave the sides empty anyway on a square palette.
myff admin

Good point.
myff admin

I have gone with Bravos suggestion of 96x72.

Technically this whole area of uploading images is a tricky one in AJAX. In fact now I am looking I am seeing quite a few examples of where poeple use AJAX for other forms elements and then cop out with the upload

I have done the next worst thing in a way and used a tricky iframe system some clever dick has invented for this. After quite a few shenanigans with the issues of thumbnails and the fact that my initial naming scheme designed to keep life simply by naming images after the user id proved flawed s caching will kill you on that, I am left with something that really works rather well. BUT as of this minute I still don't see exactly how it works You can get away with that on a lot of things but I think not in this case. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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