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Danny M


can anyone tell me that when you do a search 'myfreeforum' on google, near the bottom it has the fathers one, then below that it has the star wars one

but the fathers one only has 28 members and 22 posts and it doesn't even have like a template or a logo etc (but i know that doesn't really matter as much)

but the star wars one (this is the rebels one on the screenshot) has 419 members and 147114 posts

so why does it show up higher on google


Probably been going alot longer than most forums, and gets alot of views.
But it is pretty weird.
myff admin

It should be lesson, a cursory investigation reveals a number of good incoming links to the site. Good links to your site is a massive help. We even have a thread on here for people to boast about good links they have achieved!
Danny M

ok then thanks Forum Index -> Search Engines
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