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First off a quick side comment, this is a BIG system, it was never going to get completed in a couple of weeks, but I was harbouring hopes that maybe something useful enough to release would be done in that sort of time scale.
At the moment the time to release something looks more like double that which reflects the growing complexity of what is planned and hence the growing problem of reaching a point where there are few enough loose ends for a release to be sensible.
But we are talking the big one here, something of similar complexity to a basic phpbb2 forum, so there is no point in setting silly timescales. All that matters is that we are not talking the sort of time scale mess, that was close to release a year ago and is still on a release candidate!

I'm plodding through the profile forms at the moment, and need some ideas on how to handle "interests". This is a networking site after all and there should be someway of reaching out to people.

I am thinking of letting people enter a simple list of keywords and letting people use this as a search.

this would be very simple, yet very powerful. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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