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myff site

im close to finishing off myff site here is what we're all about

forum section

webpage section

and here is something that i added that really puts my site and forum together well for my members to gain quick access"   ( taken from an advert under admins post some where totally easy and fun to make and fast implemented into action.

this is a link to our facebook group for any facebookers out there

opinions welcomed thanks alot

... wow.

First, you need to give the MYFF domain as well.  I know this is a MYFF site, but you need to give the domain.

Second.... do you think you have enough ads?  And the toolbar stretches off the sides... and my resolution is up at 1280...

my previous forum name was  but it was mapped to the

yeah im abit annoyed about that toolbar over size pic link not sure how to change that ;(
and those banners im not to hot on myself either on the forum section looking into better advertising methods and was thinking of getting the 6 months no google adds thing soon. which is why im here now with this post to get some feed back from people on how it all runs and whats bringing it +/-'s are and hopefully find some better alternatives to improve the site as much as possible as the sites now being added to search engines.

update we now have a advertisement vid for our site Forum Index -> Post your forum
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