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Myff & phpbb3 progress (if you can call phpbb3 progress!

To recap for those who have missed the plot.

Myff runs a massively enhanced version of phpbb2, in fact we are in some ways a hybrid of phpbb2 and phpbb3.

On a feature comparison we come out well ahead of the newly phpbb3.

phpbb3 has also been criticized by most of our members who have played with it, as being horribly complicated to run

As such in any rational world it would be a long time before we started running phpbb3 here.

But the world is not rational, and many will be impatient to try the "latest" and some may even not be daunted by how hard phpbb3 is to run and so may feel phpbb3 is a more future proof solution.

We will be therefore offering phpbb3 in the near future, and this blog will log progress.

My first observations on reading the phpbb3 support forum is that one of the claims for phpbb3, that it is faster than phpbb2, may not be quite that clear cut, not only are they comparing the basic phpbb2 and not versions that have been optimized like ours has, but people are finding they have to increase server "php" memory limits or the forum runs out of memory

All the same at least there seems to be no sign of really critical issues yet, and given the year it took to get from beta to release, one would hope that no such issues will arise.

The first milestone I am aiming at is to start Monday and have basic free phpbb3 forum working well by Wednesday. This should not be hard as we actually did get that far on a beta version more than a year ago.

The stage after that will be begin integrating the core myff features that phpbb3 lacks.

Make no mistake! whatever you might think of phpbb3, myff-phpbb3 will be the best available. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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