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My template

I just created this template and would like you guys to tell me what you think of it.

All graphics are made by me.

Yes, i know, the post count is very low. I dont care one bit. Just tell me what you think about the template and the template only.

Edited by symon

count is spelt a o

Whoa dude
Looks good through IE7 but not through Firefox 2. (usually it is backwards)
The forum part is smushed to the far right of the forum, which sometimes happens with portal coding.
And/or check here

Whoa dude

hehe is that a good whoa or bad whoa.

My portal coding isn't the best on this site either.

If you look at it in IE7 you can see the portals well right?

And how I did it wasn't the best way. I took the portal code in the index_body.tpl portal section and then I pasted it in the main index_body.tpl and then put my index body in the middle of the to.

Then for the right portal i took it out because i dont want the right portal.

and the reason i did this was because i want the portals even with the first forum portal and not at the very top by the adverts.

Ill try fixing it.

and can you take a picture in firefox for me as i want to see what im trying to fix.

Click to see full size image

Just the one spelling mistake   (well there are a few but I think the others are all spelled correctly in American English)

Messeges should read messages

Overall I think it has a nice look to it.  On the new post etc icons, were you looking for the jagged edge effect?  If so, fine...if not, try changing the .gif to have the same background as the colour (ie not transparent) or change to .png format.

A good eye for colour you got there mate

Re: My template

Andrew(AP) wrote:

Yes, i know, the post ???? is very low. I dont care one bit. Just tell me what you think about the template and the template only.

I think you should correct your spelling mistakes on this post  

hehe, stop picking on me.

Thanks for the comments guys, bravo. I didn't want it to get that pointy edged look, it was because i saved with .gif

Later today when i get on the work computer ill save to .png and try it. Altough im not sure if i can do that, because i think i hve to upload the image as the default name which is on .gif.

and also my new topic and reply buttons aren't that swell. I think its just how I i did the font. Do you think maybe you could touch them up a bit.

Hmm, cody, how does it look now?

Click to see full size image

and now?


Thanks for the images cody

oh and one more thing.

how does every thing look there?

(dont worry about the portals to the right as im still trying to find something to replace them

When I log in, it is all messed up  

Click to see full size image


Theres no way I could edit the code part i had for the last time you last visited. So i just took it away and replaced it with something differant.

should be fixed.

Click to see full size image

Also the light up buttons are kind of wonky, I scroll over and they take about a second to highlight then they stay high lighted.

Yes i know, i have that problem to.

I tried copying the one on the template named...


all I did was replace the images and changed the sizes.
the first time it highlighted up but wouldn't go back.

I redid it all over then tried it again and nothing changed.

I dont know what the error is.

I can't do much about that top right portal, named latest member.

Its just that staffonlyforums had his name to long.

Well sense we had a 1 post exchange ill change his name to shorter.

Ill be sure to email him about it.

It's either change his name, or turn the joined slot into posts which isn't to exciting.

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