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my site is not working at all


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Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>> for the past two days now i cannot acess my forum at all. ive used this site and got someone else to check on their computer as well and it just shows the template background color. the other day i was trying to add meta tags and got rid of the { META } part in the admin panel  by accident so im not sure if that has to do why it not working now, but if you can fix it or let me know how to that would be great thanks.

ok i tried that, but it did not work, when i added the meta tag the other day i deleted it after words, so i dont know if the spacing in the rest of the coding that was there makes a difference when i did that.. ( sorry really new to this ) thank you btw for the fast response... is there anything else that can be done?

go back to the link above and click the reset to subsilver box then save that will put your fourm back to the default subsilver then you can re work on the template that has cause the problem.

alright i did that. tried it again in like 3 different tabs, and it still wont load at all. how long do the changes usually take? ( reset )

yay I just tried it and it works now! i guess it just takes a bit.. thank you so much. i am so impressed with the quick reply for help!

This is why you should always use the editor account , when making changes and then always have a spare working backup. So if there are any mistakes it will be easy to fix. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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