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My shop??

hi, I have made my shop and have some things on it.
i have put a google checkout button so they can buy the items, but were do i set up the checkout to pay the money in to my google account?

Thanks, Gamerz
myff admin

I get an "oops" error from google currently.

But this not unexpected, no one has to my knowledge worked through google checkout yet.

Working through a checkout process generally needs someone with some knowledge to work with us. e.g. to be able to comment on what the set up is doing wrong. To this end we also recommend anyone running live ecommerce to use their own copies of the shop template and javascript.

This is explained in the ecommerce sticky.

Are you technically capable enough for this?
myff admin

Is merchantid is blank, does that mean you have not set the payment id to your google merchant id in the shop portal?

I'd really recommend using Firefox with the web developer bar so you can look at the generated page under View Source.

Ok thanks, but i don't undeerstand this. i'll make a website at but a link to it to sell my things.

Thanks anyway.

I've been trying to set up a shop using google checkout.

I have the seller id entered and that part works fine.

The reason I get the Oops page is

"The currency used in the cart must match the currency of the seller account. You supplied a cart with USD and the seller account is associated with GBP"

I can't workout how to change to GBP

Google error wrote:

xml recieved " _charset_=UTF-8& "

xml sent back " _type=error&error-message=The+currency+used+in+the+cart+must+match+the+currency+of+the+seller+account.+You+supplied+a+cart+with+USD+and+the+seller+account+is+associated+with+GBP.&serial-number=4f3ea6d4-b682-4eb7-856b-2251639801a0 "

myff admin

You must give the (myfree/myfast/myfine) link to your forum. A link should be given to the problem if at all possible. Do this whether you think it is important or not.

To have a chance here you/we must have the ability to look at the page source to see what is wrong with the generated code.
myff admin
myff admin

I have in theory put in CurrencyCode from the shop set up into google checkout items. This should be set to GBP.

assuming you are using the default template and javascript this should be seen if you press refresh.

but without know for sure your shop link, it is working blind.

The forum is in my sig. I've just got /shop.html after it

It does seem to have changed anything so far. I'll take a closer look later...
myff admin

Shop support is pretty involved and we have pointed should require you to have the coding ability to diagnose the problems yourself. That being said I am keen to see a google checkout operation working.

However the support needed for this will not be available until Monday as I am going on a break.

Thanks admin, thats fine. I'll take a closer look later as I haven't done all the things in the sticky yet. I'll update the thread if I find anything out...

MarkB wrote:
It does seem to have changed anything so far. I'll take a closer look later...

Meant to say doesn't Forum Index -> ECommerce support
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