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my ranks.

I have a problem with my ranks, i typed in the code and its right but the image displayed a cracked bit of paper in the top left corner (the default fault image) and i dont know what to do.
My ranks are in B such as b_rank4.gif but it doesn't show up.
Help is appreciated.
Danny M

It would help, what your forum link is, and you must be putting in the wrong bit of code

Please tell us your forum link, which actual ranks your trying and what code you put in

provide a link to a topic where a set rank isn't showing and also post the rank image url your using also.

Okay the link is
Danny M

How can we see what ranks you have tried and what code you put in


<img src="b_rankadmin.gif" alt="Site Admin" title="Site Admin" border="0">

It's showing right in the source, what did you put into the area where you link to the ranks image, copy and paste it please. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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