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My personal Observations

No need for providing a url as i'm just going to talk about my own experinces with running a forum.I just wanna say if your gonna start a forum on football make sure you have a lot of information on the subject.If not don't bother making the forum.Also if you know a few people who are close to you as friends on other sites invite them.Even if they don't share the same intreast they may become intreasted.For example has about 10 members.Only 4-5 of them keep isopods.The others are there to learn and maybe even keep them in the future.The ones that do keep them are i'd say the best isopod keepers.Even better then me by a longshot.Anyway in order to make a forum work you need these things:
An intreasting forum topic that you know a lot about
knowledge about the subject
most importantly:
PATIENCE!!!your propably not gonna be like me and get 100+ posts and 10 members in just two days.
Hope this helps add more when i can.

my forums been around for 3 weeks and i'm starting to lose hope for it, only 6 registered users so far, only basically one besides myself who posts regularly

Most of the twelve members i have post like nuts.We get 50+ posts a day. Forum Index -> Running your community
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