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my new forum !! what do you think ??

check it out here any feed back would be much apreciated


since then the forum has had a complete makeover

now being add free and updated to phpBB3 i think the forum has improved, but like most i see on here im wondering where i can improve it to bring in more members or at least make the guest sign up

please please respond some one this time


The first forum link says your forum does not exist or has been suspended.... blah blah blah.... and so on.

Oh, hehe I see, make sure you put your phpbb3 sever thing in with the link.

such as zaphod, ford, etc..

good point dude

icant change the one in my first post need to wait 20 mins but ive chenged it in the second one

cheers dude.

opinions ????

I got 1 opinion mixed together...

Either get rid of the flash banners around the chat box, or get rid of both.

Either way will be better.

cheers for that dude. i had the same feelings but my brother who is admin aswell as me said to keep them.  i knew i was rite lol

i will lose the one above it and see how it looks with just the bottom one cheers dude.

anyone else ??

The flash banner is too much, a real strain on the eyes.  I had to close the window after about 30 seconds, so it must be a real strain on your members eyes.

Didn't get much chance to look at anything else due to the above.

Well said,

I suggest get rid of them flash banners, as that good loooooooking sccccaaarrrryyy banner is good enough.

It acually goes well with the template.

yea i sort of see what your getting at. il have to talk it through with the other admin (my bro)
but i do agree with you.

obvious really isnt it. lol

hey but thats why i asked

cheers dudes

anyone else ??

i have just be onto your forum and i like it, the only thing i can say is that the banner right at the top and at the bottem take the attarinsion from around the rest of the page

thats the only thing i can say other ways its a great site

can you look at mine (its for artist but also any one that like just about any thing else) Forum Index -> Running your community
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