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My New Forum 'aRaYMeDiA'

Hi all and thanks for reading.

I have just created a new forum which is called araymedia.

The forum will contain sections such as discussions, downloads, content sharing and much more. So be sure to check it out and join our forum please and help us grow. Donations are encouraged but not demanded. Soon enough donations may create more privileges for some users.

This forum was created only a few days ago therefore the may not be as much activity as you would probably except.

Here is the shortened version of the URL:

Thanks, aRaY.
myff admin

This forum is blatantly about copyright violations and has been suspended.

I see the reason to suspend, but suspended it is not.
myff admin

Well it actually was suspended, but the domain had been set to redirect to another myff forum which has now also been suspended. That confused me for a bit. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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